Frau Blau - be an illusion

Frau Blau stands for trompe l'oeil prints on top quality natural fabrics and a fine balance between artistic and technical virtuosity. Rich fantasy united with innovative digital printing technique create a stunning and smooth visual effect, turning human bodies into living works of art in flawless style. Thematic collections appeal to bright personalities who value elegance and in the same time enjoy the fun of transformation and irony. Frau Blau challenges its customers to wear a light summer dress with a print that resembles thick wool, or opt for an airy lace in winter, which turns out to be an illusion, printed on a dense fabric for colder days. The boundaries are broken by unlimited possibilities of tromp l'oeil printing: any texture or detail can acquire realistic outlook without making the garment heavy. Feminine minimalistic cuts form a perfect base for both calm monochrome and bright fancy ornaments. Playful and yet sophisticated items by Frau Blau are ideal for a variety of occasions and give your silhouette graceful lines.